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What is AP tests?
As seen in some high school courses, AP courses are classes that are equivalent to college courses. Students can take the AP test in order to raise their admission chance to a college, as well as take credit even before going into the college. The length of AP tests vary from subject to subject, generally around 2-3 hours. The perfect score is 5 for AP tests and 3 is a pass for most of the colleges.

EM offers multiple programs on AP tests:
● English
   ○ AP Language
   ○ AP Literature

● Math
   ○ AP Calculus
   ○ AP Statistics
   ○ AP Economics
   ○ AP Computer Science

● History
   ○ AP U.S. History
   ○ AP World History
   ○ AP European History
   ○ AP Government

● Science
   ○ AP Chemistry
   ○ AP Biology
   ○ AP Physics
   ○ AP Environmental Science
   ○ AP Human Geography
   ○ AP Psychology

AP Test Scores- 85% of our students received perfect scores, 100% of our students passed!

Brian Shin University Physics 5
Amy Byeon Northwood Bio 5
Julia Irvine European History 5
Aimee Irvine European History 5
Jason Irvine European History 4
Claire Beckman World History 5
Joseph Northwood World History 5
Olivia Beckman World History 4
Jenny Beckman World History 4
Amy Byeon Northwood World History 5
Eileen Byeon Northwood World History 4
Dowon Kim Beckman World History 5
Steph Noh Northwood World History 5
John Seo Beckman World History 4
Eric Chung Irvine Language 5
Jinny Hwang University Language 5
Bryan Lee Irvine Language 5
Joyce Yun Irvine Language 5
Eileen Lee Woodbridge Language 5
Brian Kim Irvine Language 5
Andrew Kim Beckman Language 5
Justin Kim Irvine Language 4
David K. U.S. History 5
Andrew Kim Beckman U.S. History 5
David Ji U.S. History 5
Dowon Kim Beckman U.S. History 5
Justin Kim Irvine U.S. History 5
Joyce Yun Irvine U.S. History 4
Eric Chung Irvine U.S. History 4
Bryan Lee Irvine U.S. History 4
Sohee Bae Beckman U.S. History 4
Eric Lim Beckman U.S. History 4
Eric Chung Irvine Environment Science 5
Eileen Byeon Northwood Calculus 5
Jinny Hwang University Calculus 5
Eileen Lee Northwood Calculus 5
Christina Chung El Toro Calculus 5
Ethan Oh J. Serra Calculus 5
Justin Kim Irvine Calculus 5
John Seo University Calculus 5
Amy Byeon Northwood Calculus 4
Steph Noh Northwood Calculus 4
Bryan Lee Irvine Calculus 4
Dowon Kim Beckman Calculus 4
Mr. G will be in charge of perfecting the student’s skills in History and English sections. His experience of 12 years will captivate the student’s mind and spark a new way of looking at standardized testing. His course will help your child successfully educate your child on how to excel in any history and english exams.

Paul will be in charge of the all the math sections. His course has been with us for over 5 years, and his math courses can be applied in most of math standardized testing.

Brian will be in charge of all science subjects. His teaching experience will help your child expand their knowledge in Chemistry, Biology, and Physics.