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• Jason Han, lrvine High UC Berkeley
• Evelyn Bang, Uni High Carnegie Mellon
• Sandra Kim, Beckman UC San Diego
• Kevin Kim, Crean Luthern RISD
• Ann Li Crean, Luthern UC Berkeley
• Ian Park, Deer Field Cornell University


• Eric kim, Crean Luthern High SUNY UP state 7years Medical school
• Julia Hahn ,lrvine High UC Berkeley
• Pedro Palmaka ,Uni High NYU (stern)
• Weena Park, OCSA UCLA
• lsla Kim, Northwood university of Michigan
• Henry Song, Hill(PA) Georgetown
• Thomas Song, Deerfield (MA) University of Chicago
• Daniel Kim. Uni High Baylor (Honor program)
• Terry Kim , lrvine High. Point Loma (ROTC / computer science)


• Tony Choi (University) (Duke University)
• Kent Park (Woodbridge) (Northwestern University)
• Jennifer lee (OCSA) (Cornell University)
• Andrew Kim (Beckman) (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
• Eric Chung (Irvine) (New York University)
• Weesu Park (Crean) (University of California San Diego)
• Brian Shin (University) (University of Southern California)
• Andrew Kim (Beckman) (Purdue University)
• Bumin Son (Northwood) (California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo)
• Daniel Jin (Irvine) (University of Texas at Austin)
• Christina Han (Woodbridge) (University of California San Diego)
• Brian Oh (Northwood) (New York University)


• Ethan Oh (JSerra) (Carnegie Mellon University)
• Eric Kim (Crean) (Cornell University)
• Junku Jeon (Beckman) (University of California Berkeley)
• Ricky Woo (JSerra) (University of California Los Angeles)
• Lillian Lee (Corona Del Mar) (Cornell University)
• Katrina Chen (Crean) (Wheaton College)
• Eileen Byeon (Northwood) (California NorthstateUniveristy BS-MD)
• Amy Byeon(Northwood) (California NorthstateUniveristy BS-MD)

• Steve Lee (University) (Boston University)
• Henry Choi (University) (Emory University)
• Peter Park (Northwood) (Berkeley)
• Alex Kwon (University) (University of Southern California)
• Kevin Cha (Cerritos) (University of California Los Angeles)
• Irene Kim (Cerritos) (University of California Irvine)

• YeseulYoo (Northwood) (University of California Los Angeles)
• Robert Kim (Cerritos) (University of Southern California)
• Raymond Park (University) (Johns Hopkins University)
• Jenny Lee (Northwood) (New York University)
• Pilgon Kim (University) (University of California Los Angeles)
• Kevin Lee (Cerritos) (University of California Berkeley)

• Jeff Lee (University) (Carnegie Mellon University)
• Steve Jung (University) (University of California Santa Barbara)
• Jiyeon Oh (University) (University of California Los Angeles)
• Paul Lee (Esperanza) (Yale University)
• Bonggyun Lee (Orangewood) (University of Southern California)
• Grace Kim (University) (University of California Santa Barbara)
• Alex Moon (Northwood) (Pomona College)
• Bernard Lee (Northwood) (Syracuse University)
• Charie Kim (Esperanza) (Cornell University)
• Da Son Kim (Northwood) (University of California San Diego)

• Jaewoo Shin (Irvine) (University of California Berkeley)
• Grace Oh (Northwood) (Cornell University)
• Glen Kim (Troy) (Boston University)
• Yoona Ji (University) (New York University)
• Jenny Ji (Aliso Niguel) (University of California San Diego)
• Kevin Park (Troy) (University of Southern California)

• Audrey Kim (University) (University of California Berkeley)
• Kevin Moon (Irvine) (University of Southern California)
• Christine Oh (Northwood) (Wellesley College)
• Irene Baik (Northwood) (Carnegie Mellon University)
• Heidi Hyun (Northwood) (University of Southern California)
• Edward Kim (Aliso Niguel) (University of California San Diego)
• Kevin Yun (Irvine) (Babson College)
• Jenny Yang (Walnut) (Cornell University)
• Eric Han (Walnut) (Boston College)
• Michael Kim (Woodbridge) (University of California Irvine)

• Alice Choi (University) (Carnegie Mellon University)
• Su Ji Pyun (Irvine) (University of Southern California)
• Jai Kyun Shin (Rolling Hills) (University of California Berkeley)
• Yun Jee Oh (Woodbridge) (University of Southern California)
• Brian Chung (Northwood) (University of California Irvine)


Jeff Lee (University High) (Carnegie Mellon) "I started out with a 1680 SAT, but thanks to the help given at EM academy, I raised my score to a 2200 and was also able to receive a high score on my SAT II Math 2C exam."

Audrey Kim (University High) (Berkeley)
"EM carefully watched over my college admission process until the very end. I thank the teachers at EM and recommend them to anyone."

Kevin Moon (Irvine High) (USC)
"Thanks to EM, I was able to score 800 on both SAT I and SAT II math sections. I thank EM for their helpful instruction on the SATs and their guidance in the college admission process."

Yeseul Yoon (Northwood High) (UCLA)
Yeseul started off in an ELD class as a 10th grader and through the help of EM, received proficient scores on her SAT I and II, scored a high GPA, and was accepted into UCLA.

Raymond Park (University High) (Johns Hopkins)
Raymond studied for the AP classes he enrolled in as a junior ahead of time at EM academy, which not only gave Raymond an academic advantage, but raised his GPA as well.

Grace Oh (Northwood High) (Cornell University)
"I want to thank EM academy for putting both effort and care into every part of my application process and for giving that same attention to each and every student at EM academy."

Eric Chung (Irvine High) (NYU)
"EM has introduced me to many great teachers that have helped me excel academically especially in writing as well as math. Their class size was small which enabled me to interact with the teachers closely which in turn helped me to focus and learn better. Thanks to EM I was able to get into NYU’s College of Arts and Sciences!"