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What is the ACT?
The ACT is a standardized college entrance exam. It contains an English section, a Math section, Reading section, an Essay section, as well as a Science section for a total of 5 sections. The length of the total ACT exam is 3 hours and 35 minutes (2 hours and 55, excluding Essay section). On each section of the ACT (excluding writing), number of correct scores are scaled from 1-36, and the average of the 4 section scores is the composite score for the test. Therefore, the perfect score on the ACT would be a 36.

The Teachers
Mr. G will be in charge of improving your child’s English and Reading sections to their maximum potential. His experience of 12 years will captivate the student’s mind and spark a new way of looking at standardized testing. His methodical technique of dissecting and analyzing reading comprehension of standardized testing has helped hundreds of kids improve their scores.

Paul will be in charge of the math sections of the standardized exams. His experience with math tests will help students improve on perfecting their math skills with less careless mistakes and more mathematical knowledge.

Brian will be in charge of science section of the ACT exam. His experience in teaching and as a current scholar at UC Davis Master’s program, he will ensure your child’s exam skills, as well as his/her future.

Our students have been showing outstanding results over the years. Just ask our students!

• 2019~2020 ACT

Sung bin Kim lrvine high 36
Brian Kim Orange Luthern 34
Isabel Hahn OCSA vin 36
Evelyn Bang University 33
Julia Hahn Irvine High 34
Terry Kim Irvine High 34
David Kurniawan Uni High 36
Daniel Kim Uni High 36
Jun Yun Uni High 35
Biran Shin Uni High 35
Bumin Sohn Northwood 35
Daniel Chung Northwood 34
Weesu Park Crean Luthern 34
Brian Oh Northwood 34
Jay Park Woodbridge High 34
Eric Chung Irvine High 34
Erik Kik Irvine High 34
Daniel Kim University 36
David Kurniawan University 36
Brian Shin University 35
Bumin Sohn Northwood 35
John Yun University 35
Joyce Yun Irvine 35
Weesu Park Crean Lutheran 34
Daniel Chung Northwood 34
Eric Chung Irvine 34
Jay Park Woodbridge 34
Brian Oh Northwood 34

• 2016/2017 ACT

Dowon Kim Beckman 34
Eileen Byeon Northwood 34
Amy Byeon Northwood 34
Joshua Kwak Northwood 33
Ricky Woo J. Serra 32