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 Bio : I've graduated from the University of California, Irvine in 2013 with Bachelor of Science degrees in (1) Biomedical Engineering, (2) Chemistry, (3) Biology, and a minor in Materials Science Engineering. I am currently pursuing a graduate degree in biomedical engineering at UCI which involves a research investigation thesis and graduate coursework.

 Class Description:
The courses I teach are college level chemistry,biology, and physics. My teaching style is adapted towards the student so it can vary. But generally, I cover textbook information and focus heavily on the topics that were covered in their class notes to reinforce the concepts. The class structure will usually involve lecture of major scientific principles followed by multiple example problems or scenarios to illustrate such principles. Once the students have demonstrated their understanding of the section of interest and mastery of the principles, we proceed in bullet point fashion until we over all the major topics. Then at the end of the lesson, I help them visualize the bigger picture by connecting principles to certain topics where overlap is appropriate. Of course, this will vary from student to student, as there are some advanced students who come in with a general understanding of principles and have a page of questions and specific problems they'd like me to go over.