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What is the SAT?
SAT Reasoning Test is a standardized college entrance exam. It consists of 5 sections, including Reading Comprehension, Writing and Grammar, Math without calculator, Math with Calculator, and an essay section. The total testing time is 3 hours and 50 minutes, including the optional essay of 50 minutes. The perfect score of the SAT Reasoning Test is 1600 (800 from Math section and 800 from Reading/Writing section).

The Teachers
Mr. G will be in charge of improving your child’s Writing and Reading Comprehension sections to their maximum potential. His experience of 12 years will captivate the student’s mind and spark a new way of looking at standardized testing. His methodical technique of dissecting and analyzing reading comprehension of standardized testing has helped hundreds of kids improve their scores.

Paul will be in charge of the math sections of the standardized exams. His experience with math tests will help students improve on perfecting their math skills with less careless mistakes and more mathematical knowledge.

Our students have been showing outstanding results over the years. Just ask our students!

• 2019~2020 SAT

Gina Lee Portola High 1540
John Cho Portola High 1560
Sandra Kim Beckman High 1550
Pedro Palmaka Uni High 1520
Henry Song Hills(PA) 1520
Julia Hahn Irvine High 1520
David Kumiawan Uni High 1580
Kevin Hwang Beckman High 1580
Eric Chung Irvine, High 1510
Andrew Kim Backman High 1510
Kevin Hwang Beckman 1580
David Kurniawan University 1540
Eric Chung Irvine 1510
Andrew Kim Beckman 1510

• 2017/2016(old) SAT

Bryan Lee Lawrence Villa 2360
Justin Kim Irvine 2350
Ethan Oh J. Serra 2340
Jin Hwang University 2300
Ryan Ki University 2300
John Seo Beckman 2280
Jonathan Byun Northwood 2270
Joyce Yun Irvine 2290
Jasmine Kwak Northwood 2220
Eileen Lee Woodbridge 2240